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APS Healthcare was awarded the contract with the State of Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services to provide a Behavioral Health Utilization Management System for services currently purchased through the State’s Office of Maine Care Services and administered by the Adult Mental Health Services, Children’s Behavioral Health Services, and the Office of Substance Abuse.

APS Healthcare will operate a 24 hour/7 day a week call center as part of the Maine ASO Behavioral Health Utilization Review Program that will provide access for providers and assists with both operational and educational activities related to the program. Providers can access the Help Desk, review requests and access information as participants in the program.

APS Healthcare relies on the MaineCare Benefits Manual for all level of care criteria. 
The MaineCare Benefits Manual can be found at this link: http://www.maine.gov/sos/cec/rules/10/ch101.htm.
Please also go to the following site for recently adopted and emergency MaineCare policies:

For Provider Inquiries, contact us at (866) 521-0027 and press the option for Providers.


Important Updates(All earlier updates are posted on the archive page)

MaineCare Provider Announcement: Child Intensive Temporary Residential Treatment (ITRTs) - June 20, 2016

APS Healthcare Step-by-Step Instructions for Submitting a Referral Management CFSN in PDF

APS Healthcare Referral Management Process PowerPoint  in PDF

CareConnection Submission for ITRT

MaineCare Provider Announcement: Section 17 Community Support Services: Establishing Prior Authorization - June 17, 2016

APS Healthcare Section 17 Process PowerPoint  in PDF

Document Upload Webinar Recording

Document Upload PowerPoint Presentation  in PDF





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