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Maine Administrative Services Organization

Since 2007, KEPRO has been serving the Department of Health and Human Services to provide a Behavioral Health Utilization Management System for services currently purchased through the State’s Office of Maine Care Services and administered by the Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHS), Office of Child and Family Services (OCFS), and the Office of Aging and Disability Services (OADS).

KEPRO encourages respect, collaboration, and partnership among all entities serving the citizens of Maine. We believe that the best method to achieving input from Providers, Members and Families, Advocates, and other entities is to involve key representatives of each of these groups in every step of the process. KEPRO’s collaborative model will be an integrated one that welcomes inclusion by all interested stakeholders.

KEPRO has significant experience in developing innovative, collaborative models of utilization management, care management, Provider Relations and quality improvement that emphasize community partnership, training, technical assistance.

Our goal is to promote each member’s recovery, resiliency, and ability to live in the community of his or her choice. KEPRO strives to improve the quality of mental health and substance use services in Maine.

Attention Providers: 

10/9/2018 - Updates to the website has been published under the following URL:

These updates include:  

    • A New Provider Handbook
    • A New Atrezzo Portal Guide

4/12/18 - Effective today, Section 21 providers are now allowed to submit requests for authorizations 30 days in advance of their next CSR due date. 

3/8/18 - The Maine office is closed today due to weather conditions.

11/6/17 - We are currently experiencing phone issues. Our IT department is looking into the issues with our vendors. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

10/4/17 - A New Daily Authorization Report has been deployed to Atrezzo.

10/1/17 - Effective 10/1/2017, KEPRO will begin to determine medical eligibility for Katie Beckett.

8/25/17 - Due to security concerns and changes in the cyber security environment, KEPRO’s Atrezzo portal will discontinue supporting a specific version of Transport Layer Security or TLS. TLS is a cryptographic tool used by web browsers to encrypt traffic between your computer and the server you are visiting when you use your web browser. TLS version 1.0 is no longer considered secure.

For more information on these updates, please visit News and Updates